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I am a lifelong conservative Republican.  My points-of-view on issues coming before our committees for debate and voting will reflect my life-long conservative beliefs in small government, free markets, individual liberties, local government decision-making over federal or state levels.

The political process can be contentious.  Issues are always more complex than a sound bite, a headline, or a tweet.  Partisan agendas, especially within the media, often distort and obfuscate these issues.  That is a reality that citizens and their elected officials must navigate.

Here are my points-of-view on current issues of particular interest.  I welcome your opinions and suggestions.

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Legislative issues Marilyn is directly involved with….

Voter ID:  In order to assure the right of ALL citizens to be able to vote, and the sanctity of that vote; I support the common sense law to require a picture identification to obtain a ballot.

The Tanning Bed Bill (HR-18) : Laws should not be made that stand between a parent and child.  We do not need to add more regulations to small businesses. I am a strong advocate for small businesses that provide legal products and services.

Municipal Annexation:  Cities should not have the ability to force property owners into it’s borders. Especially if the city is taxing the property owners without providing services.


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